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Cell and Tissue Colture

Natural Cosmesis and Balneology

Clinical Investigations in Cosmetic Dermatology

G. Biagini (I) - L. Di Silvio (UK)
N. Stark (USA)

G. Agostini (I) - B.R. Balda (D)

Hong-Duo Chen (CHINA)
H. Maibach (USA) - Xing-Hua Gao (CHINA)

Molecular Biology

Non-Invasive Methods and Biotechnologies

Oral Mucosa and Dental Care Problems

L. Bruckner-Tuderman (D)
V. Calabrese (I) - T. Krieg (D)
J. Uitto (USA)

H. Tronnier (D) - W. Gehring (D)
U. Heinrich (D) - E. Berardesca (I)
P. Elsner (D)

E. Benagiano (I)

Skin Biology

Skin and Cosmetic Microbiology

Oral Mucosa and Dental Care Problems

M. Ponec (NL)

J. Kabara (USA) - D.Orth (USA)  
D. Steinberg (USA)

E. Benagiano (I)


Skin Bioengineering

Nail Care Cosmetics

H. Honigsmann (A)
F.P.Noonan (USA) - Y.K.Park (Korea)

L. Andreassi (I) - L. Rodrigues (P)
P. Elsner (D)

R. Baran (F) - B. Richert (B)
A. Tosti (I)

Skin Immunology

Allergy Testing

Hair Care Cosmetics

A. Giannetti (I) - Ting Xiao (CHINA)

F.K.E. Andersen (NL) - Chundi He (CHINA)

S. Calvieri (I) - W.A.D. Griffiths (UK)
C.E. Orfanos (D)

History of Medicine

Cosmetic Manufacture and Control

Cosmetics and Skin Disorders

G. Baggieri (I)

L. Nteta (SA) - A. Parsons (SA)
H.C. Roos (SA)

V. Mordovsteva (R)
W. Raab (A) - T. Ruzicka (D)

Skin Pharmacology

Cosmetics and Fragrances

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

F.H. Kemper (D) - R. Paoletti (I)

G. Angelini (I)

L. Marini (I) - P. Palombo (I)
L. Rusciani (I)

Skin Toxicology

Cosmetics and Environment

Laser & Lights in Skin Care

S. Paglialunga (I) - M.G. Rozen (USA)

Retno I.S. Tranggono (Indonesia)
P. Suvanprakorn (Thailand)

P. Mezzana (I) - M. Palombo (I)

Skin Ageing

Aromatherapy and Natural Raw Materials

Cosmetic Pediatry

S. Jablonska (PL) - M. Noszczyk (PL)
M. Verschoore (F)

G. Salvatore (I)

G. Fabrizi (I) - Y. Kazuya (J)
A. Taieb (F)


Cosmetics’ Safety Evaluation

Cosmetic Gynaecology


E. Chiaccherini (I)

A. Lanzone (I) - S. Mancuso (I)
M. Massobrio (I)

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